3 x DMX Control PC’s / Tablets

You can have these Windows 10 based DMX Control PC’s operating your light shows!

We use Windows 10 based PC’s that run DMX Control software using Aurora Afterglow and Enttec DMX USB interfaces. The software also runs various plug-ins, including the MadMaxOne software that controls the Verticolor LED panel matrix. We have one rack mount PC, one touch screen PC that’s mounted into a flight case, and a 10″ Windows 10 tablet that transmits the DMX data wirelessly to the wireless receivers in the trussing – flawlessly! The light show that is built into each PC is custom made, that took three weeks to pull together. Each device can control over 100 fixtures, and we’ve made it so much easier that even a child could operate the light show. In the image below you’ll see that each show is paired up to reflect the dynamics of the music… usually to reflect the verse and then the chorus – allowing the user to switch between the two. There are blackout functions, lights up functions, blinder functions, fog machines, and even functions to control the projectors on the far right of the screen. Welcome to the future!