10 x Prolight im5s Moving Heads

You could have these moving lights at your event!

The Prolight im5s moving heads throw out plenty of light for such a compact unit! Using 250W bulbs, they can pan (560 degrees) and tilt (270 degrees) in practically any direction pointing light exactly where we need it to create the effect we want. With twin gobo and colour wheels the im5s there are 14 projection shapes to choose from, and 14 different colours – including a stunning ultra violet beam effect.

We have programmed our DMX Control software to operate the 10 moving heads at 10 fixed locations on the stage to create stunning effects when they work together. But these fixed locations can be adjusted and played with to give more variety and texture. We usually hang the lights upside down, however they can be all pointing upwards, or a mixture of both. With the other 90 or so fixtures that are included in the lighting show a lot of care and attention has been made to make all the lighting work together.


Tech spec:

  • Control: DMX 512 – 5 channels
  • Automatic lamp off in standby for extending the lamp and unit life
  • Setting and addressing : 4 digit LED display
  • LED display with on/off setting function
  • Data in/out: Locking 3-pin XLR iSolution operation
  • Consistent DMX configuration enables iMove to be linked with iRock and iShow
  • DMX address can be set remotely by iLead controller. No need to calculate the DMX channels of each fixture in the chain
  • When the DMX signal is off, the lights will switch to Master/Slave mode automatically
  • Easy installation, easy addressing, and easy operatio
  • Pre-programmed function
  • Automatic switching between music trig or auto trig mode
  • Master/ Slave mode
  • Built in dynamic lighting shows for instant operation
  • User friendly Easy Controller: Enjoy many lighting shows at your fingertips
  • Pan/ Tilt: Pan: 540 degrees, Tilt: 270 degrees
  • Gobo wheel: 14 gobos plus open and blackout, including 11 metal, 2 glass and 1 effect gobo with shaking and shutter effect
  • Rainbow effect in both directions
  • Dimmer/ Shutter: 0 – 100% dimmer. variable speed strobe, 1 ~ 10 flashes per second
  • High quality optical lens, dichroic colors and gobos
  • Beam angle: 16 degrees