Sound as good as you should with the best sound system hire in Aberdeenshire and Moray!

Looking for PA hire or sound system hire in the Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Moray or Highland area? Or anywhere in Scotland for that matter? Making you sound great is what we do. We have all the necessary tools for the job and the ability to satisfy almost every rider requirement of professional and semi-professional touring artists. And if you're a local band or promoter we can provide exactly the same level of expertise and equipment to you. If you have the venue and a suitable power supply of 32 amps or more then get in contact. We can provide:

  • 40/32/16ch digital/analogue mixers
  • Individual loudspeakers
  • Hanging line arrays
  • Scalable stacked speakers
  • 32-way signal split
  • 3-phase 415V distro
  • 8-way breakout boxes
  • 16 channel rack DI's
  • 500-26,000 watt systems
  • Outboard EQ/dynamics processors
  • Single phase 240V distro
  • Digital reverb and delay
  • Industry favourite mics
  • Hardware and stands
  • 40 channel multicore
  • 15 x 1,300 watt amps
  • Plentiful power cabling
  • Trussing with Powercon boxes

What separates EatAudio from our competition is our passion. If your budget allows you won't believe the scale we can take a small event up to. We take time and care on every gig to make sure that the organisers, performers and audience can get on with enjoying the event as we'll take care of the hard bit - making sure the technical hurdles are overcome so that the music sounds good. We know what works, and we know what doesn't.
If you would like us to make a site visit we can do that. If you need advice on how to proceed we will certainly point you in the right direction. There's a 100% chance as part of your entertainment or alcohol licence you'll require a thorough risk assessment carried out, the whole event timetabled from the arrival of the first vehicles until the last case is packed away. Site plans are also essential so these can be drawn up and verified in advance.
Typically the main obstacles we run up against are inadequate power supplies. Your local village hall wiring is so old and never intended to draw so much electricity! And for some reason you don't find power sockets in empty fields! We take safety very seriously so ensuring that what goes on in our technical areas is kept separate from the audience is always a priority. After that it's generally plain sailing!


See a showcase of what EatAudio can do for you!

Whether it's a rock show, or a festival, or a stage show, or a line up of your favourite DJ's - EatAudio has it covered. Over the years we've put on some great shows and here is the proof - and time and again clients keep coming back because they know they will have a consistently great show every time. In fact, some musicians and performers have signed up to be on the gig line up because they've heard we're providing the kit! Watch the video below so you can see EatAudio offers more than vague promises!

Check out our kit list of what we have in house!

If you want to check out our kit list for regular hires then open the PDF in the link here! If you require gear with other specs to meet a rider requirement of a third party then we can do our best to make that happen too!