Sound as good as you should with the best sound system hire in Aberdeenshire and Moray!

Looking for PA hire or sound system hire in the Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Moray or Highland area? Or anywhere in Scotland for that matter? Making you sound great is what we do. We have all the necessary tools for the job and the ability to satisfy almost every rider requirement of professional and semi-professional touring artists. And if you're a local band or promoter we can provide exactly the same level of expertise and equipment to you. If you have the venue and a suitable power supply of 32 amps or more then get in contact. We can provide:

  • 40/32/16ch digital/analogue mixers
  • Individual loudspeakers
  • Hanging line arrays
  • Scalable stacked speakers
  • 32-way signal split
  • 3-phase 415V distro
  • 8-way breakout boxes
  • 16 channel rack DI's
  • 500-26,000 watt systems
  • Outboard EQ/dynamics processors
  • Single phase 240V distro
  • Digital reverb and delay
  • Industry favourite mics
  • Hardware and stands
  • 40 channel multicore
  • 15 x 1,300 watt amps
  • Plentiful power cabling
  • Trussing with Powercon boxes
8/12/16 Line Array Speaker System with sub bass speakers - £1,400 to £2,000 per day.

Line Array Sound System

Line array speakers work by being tightly packed vertically in a way that causes the sound waves from each individual speaker driver to precisely merge together. This gives an advantage over traditional stacked speakers that lose 6db (50%) of sound over a particular fixed distance. Line array speakers only lose around 3db (25%) of sound over that same distance making them ideal for large spaces, particularly outdoors. Furthermore, line array speakers are highly directional focusing sound energy much like a narrow beam of light from a torch.

Line arrays have significant performance advantages over stacked speakers, but do require positioning very high up to get the best from them. We prefer to use scaffolding between five and six meters high to get the height required to throw the sound over a distance of up to 100m. Naturally this extra work does add significant setup and packing down time but is the sturdiest and safest way to hang them.

We currently use combinations of 8, 12 or 16 Crest Audio Versarray line array speakers and plan to invest in another four of them to bring our stock to 20 in total. We currently have four Crest Audio VR218 subs.

In small numbers line array speakers will behave exactly like normal speakers with little or no performance improvement. The more speakers in an array the further the sound will travel without significant volume loss. -

Tall Stack Speaker System with sub bass speakers - £1,000 to £1,200 per day.

Tall Stack Speaker Package

Stacked speaker systems are ideal when setting up and loading in equipment for events that have to be completed quickly and easily. Our scalable systems work very well in small areas and spaces such as town halls and marquees, but are equally at home outdoors on trailers or mobile stages.

Our biggest stacking speaker system - the "Fat Stack" can be up and running within an hour covering audience sizes between 1,000 and 2,000 people. These types of system are popular with a lot of touring acts big and small giving a perfectly flat acoustic response when tuned to the venues being used.

These speakers are also ideal for 'centre fills' that can cover areas inside the widely spaced line array hangs that are just too far apart for the audience closest to the stage to hear. These stacking speakers can solve that problem. -

Fat Stack and Short Stack Speaker System with sub bass speakers - £1,400/£800 per day.

Fat Stack and Short Stack Speaker Package

Power Requirements and Limitations of Electrical Supplies at Small Venues

Typically the main obstacles we run up against are inadequate power supplies. All of our sound systems are very power hungry and converting that electrical energy into sound has a number of steps, and doing so safely means having the juice to do it. A lot of promoters expect our equipment to run from a standard set of 13 amp sockets and this often simply isn't possible.

With the right size of generator, whether your event is indoors or ourdoors we have the power cabling and distribution to get our kit up and running. We can provide you with the specification of the generator required and a suitable local supplier as part of our upfront rider.


63 Amp, 3 Phase Supply
● Line Array System
● Line Array System + Lighting
● Fat Stack + Lighting

63 Amp, Single Phase Supply
● Fat Stack + Lighting
● Tall Stack + Lighting
● Short Stack + Lighting

32 Amp, Single Phase Supply
● Tall Stack
● Short Stack + Lighting

13 Amp, Single Phase Supply
● Short Stack
● Pole Mount + Subs
Header Midas Digital Mixing Packages

Our preferred digital mixing surfaces are the Midas M32R. Despite it's compact size it is a very capable machine with the ability to mix 40 channels of audio with all sorts of effects includiung compression, gating, equalization, reverb and delay.

The Midas M32R has tools such as bus control to manage multiple on stage mixes for performers and matrix feeds to manage multiple speaker setups. It can even supply live audio streams for broadcasting. With these mixers we record every event we work to an SD card so we can mix it down at a later date for download via the EatAudio website.

Midas M32R Console

We use Midas DL32 stage boxes to stream all the microphones and instruments from the stage to the back of the venue (possibly in a tent or at the back of a hall.) From that position we can hear everything the audience is hearing allowing us to create the perfect mix to the main sound system. Every Midas M32R mixing console can be controlled remotely via iPad, allowing us to wander around on stage during sound checks so we can hear everything the performers are hearing. This allows us to make changes to their sound so musicians can focus on giving their best performance that day.

Midas M32R Console

We have designed and prepped cases packed with useful tools such as wireless routers, network switches, speaker management systems and amplifiers. This makes setting up times at venues very quick as everything is pre-wired and ready to go.

Should one of our M32R mixers fail during an event, we can quickly transfer the settings as they last were via a computer to one of the backup M32C mixers in the on stage case. Once done we can resume control of the entire show operating from only an iPad.

There is also ample network capability built in so devices such as laptops, touchscreen PC's, tablets and smartphones can connect to the Midas mixer. Once they have connected to the network musicians can then control their own sound on stage. Our Midas mix packages allow us to provide mixes for up to 12 musicians at a time, with eight of those being sent to monitor speakers powered by 2×4-channel amplifiers.

Simply put, there is everything required for a great show.

Header Soundcraft Analogue Mixing Packages

EatAudio has made a very smooth transition from analogue mixing consoles to digital mixing consoles, and that's largely down to the amount of time we've spent using Digital Audio Workstations (DAW's) on computers for decades. It goes without saying that digital systems are much smaller, lighter, more compact, contains a lot more features, and require a lot less messy wiring!

But having said all that, what you don't get on digital desks is an idea of what's going on underneath the hood from a quick glance at an analogue desk! Digital desks are full of menus that require lots of digging around to get to the features and tools you may need. So EatAudio has never parted ways with it's analogue desks and outboard equipment, being very eager to put them back to work when the opportunity allows!

Soundcraft GB8-40+4 (40 mic inputs + 4 stereo inputs)

Soundcraft GB8-40+8

● 40 microphone and instrument inputs
● 4-band EQ with 2 sweepable mid bands
● 4 stereo inputs
● 8 bus mix
● 4-way matrix mix
● Master stereo and mono centre output
● 8 auxilary sends
● Inserts on all channels
● Direct outs on all channels
● Four mute groups

Soundcraft LX7ii-32 (32 mic inputs)

Soundcraft LX7ii-32

● 32 microphone and instrument inputs
● 4-band EQ with 2 sweepable mid bands
● 4 bus mix
● Master stereo and mono centre output
● 6 auxilary sends
● Inserts on all channels
● Direct outs on channels 1-24

Soundcraft EMP-12+2 (12 mic inputs, 2 stereo inputs)

Soundcraft EMP-12

● 12 microphone and instrument inputs
● 2 stereo inputs
● 2 auxilary sends
● Inserts on all channels
● 3-band EQ with sweepable mid

We use three brands of microphones to keep things nice and simple.

We use Shure wired microphones on vocals and instruments, particularly the SM58, SM57 and their other variants.

We also use Sennheiser wireless microphones, mainly the EW135 and their receivers. For hands free public speaking and theatre applications we use Sennheiser body packs with lavalier microphones that discreetly hook over the ears and wrap around the cheek bone.

And finally we use Audix microphones on percussion instruments and drums with the Audix D2, D4, D6 and ADX-51 types inparticular.

Watch videos of previous EatAudio events!

Whether it's a rock show, or a festival, or a stage show, or a line up of your favourite DJ's - EatAudio has it covered. Over the years we've put on some great shows and here is the proof - and time and again clients keep coming back because they know they will have a consistently great show every time. In fact, some musicians and performers have signed up to be on the gig line up because they've heard we're providing the kit! Watch the video below so you can see EatAudio offers more than vague promises!

The EatAudio Showcase!

EatAudio at the Refuel 2021 Summer Festival, Fochabers!

Check out our kit list of what we have in house!

If you want to check out our kit list for regular hires then open the PDF in the link here! If you require gear with other specs to meet a rider requirement of a third party then we can do our best to make that happen too!