Listen to the EatAudio live recordings below made in Aberdeenshire and Moray!

Making live recordings of your event.

All of our mixers have direct out sockets, and by simply connecting 32 balanced jacks to our ICE-16 recorders we can capture your live performance at 24-bit/48khz. And our digital mixers all have audio capture cards allowing laptops, SD cards and USB devices to begin saving audio data. By popping in a USB hard drive every nuance of your performance is captured to be mixed down on a PC at a later date. It's really as simple as that! No extra work!

Not only is this a good way for us to showcase what we're capable of, most performers never really get to hear what they sound like live. We are delighted to be able to upload all of your performances to our Soundcloud page where everyone can re-experience the gig they attended (or missed). All the sets can be downloaded in MP3 format once mixed and you'll get to keep yours for free if we can use it to promote our services.

Not everyone can afford studio time, but if your music is polished and rehearsed you can settle for the next best thing. Whether it's in your home or at another venue, we can record your music at a location of your choice.

Once recorded onto the same USB recorders we use at live gigs, all the data is transferred to a PC to be mixed down at a later date. We can handle all the mixing and even master your recordings to be marketed on iTunes or physical CD. You'll be hard pushed to tell the difference between a studio recording and live recording if you opt to have your work mastered by an external professional engineer! Just listen to the way our live recordings come out. People often comment how they sound better than most demos recorded in local studios!

What's the catch?

No catch, if you want to keep the recordings for yourself then there will be a slight additional fee to cover the time it takes us to mix and master your recording.

Once you have the recording you can use it to produce merchandise, create your own Soundcloud account, set up a YouTube channel or use it as hidden tracks on a CD. To find out more, get in contact.