Look better than you thought you could with the best light show in Aberdeenshire!

With almost 100 lighting fixtures, there's something suitable for every event that will blow your audience away! Using a DMX touch based system sending 15,000 instructions a second over Wi-Fi, you'll get a show completely controlled to create the perfect ambience.

  • 10 x Moving Heads
  • 32 x RGB Wash Light
  • 4 x UV Wash Light
  • 4 x Audience Blinders
  • 2 x 1500W Strobes
  • 4 x 50mW Green Lasers
  • 1 x 250mW Twin Red Laser
  • 1 x 250mW Twin Purple Laser
  • 1 x 2200mW RGB Full Colour Laser
  • 2 x Silk Flame Machines
  • 3 x Large LED Star Cloths
  • 2 x Wi-Fi DMX Transceivers
  • 2 x DMX High Def Video Players
  • 5 x Colour Matrix Animated Bars
  • 8 x Colour Tubes
  • 4 x LED Starballs
  • 4 x 1500W Vertical Fog Machines
  • 3 x Windows Based DMX Controller PC's

Lift or hang?

With over 50 meters of ladder, triangular or square truss at our disposal we can hang all the trussing using block chain hoists from the ceiling. Depending on the venue, if there are the fittings or steel load beams to do so, we can become even more creative.

Otherwise we have strong wind up steel stands that can lift the trussing to a height of up to four meters. This gives excellent coverage of the stage where we can hang hundreds of lights, attach Wi-Fi receivers, distribute power using Neutrik Powercon connectors, and of course hang stage cloths to hide any grubby back walls. The trussing is also capable of taking the load of 300 kilos making it possible to hang array speakers. We can use the same hardware to evenly distribute both the sound and lighting across your venue.

See a demo of the light show...

Filmed at the very end of 2011, this half hour YouTube video will give you a demonstration of what the light show is capable of. A small handful of the lights have been upgraded or replaced since, but it's a very accurate representation of what you could have at your event. This video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views since it was originally uploaded.