The Mobile Outdoor Stage

In 2021 EatAudio was approached about entering into a partnership about the use of a mobile outdoor stage. In 2022, our partners bought that mobile stage and had it delievered. We are glad to be able to offer up the use of a stage that's 7 meters wide, 6 meters deep, 1 meter off the ground, and 5 meters high at the apex when it is at full height. The stage comes with PA wings to hang a line array and an acoustically transparent scrim.

For £1,000 a day and £500 per additional day we can bring the stage to your event when you hire one of our sound and lighting systems with it. For a surcharge we may travel further across Highland, Angus and beyond to cover fuel costs.

The Eat Audio Outdoor Stage

We're building an outdoor stage and it will be available for hire from the summer of 2024! It would have happened sooner, but a problem with "the general health of the world population" and "a lot of time spent at home" because of it means EatAudio's resources were depleted heavily as the entertainment industry went into survival mode. With no income, and still having to pay to keep the gear safe, secure and away from the elements it's been tough. But we're optomistic!

The frame will be made of aluminium Global Truss all the way from Germany, and with a roof made locally by Montrose Rope and Sail. The height of the contruction will be six and a half meters high, eleven meters wide, nine meters deep.

Why take to building an outdoor stage? That's simple! It's a natural extension of what we do - a lot of outdoor events during the summer. So many of these events are held in marquees (for obvious reasons too - given the unpredictable nature of Scottish weather in the summer time when humidity is at it's peak!), but just as many events are held on the back of curtain side lorry trailers. These aren't ideal by any stretch, not least for various health and safety reasons. From an audio perspective it's really not ideal, and it's usually a constant battle to reproduce great sound quality verses compromising with low volume levels because of the need to eliminate sqeaky feedback!

Not least of all because outdoor seems to be a safer place to be when there are nasty things floating around the air currently!

So we're hopeful that this outdoor stage endeavour will prove popular and also give us somewhere useful to hang our lighting and line array speakers in a practical, safe and cosmetically pleasing way. If you're planning on hosting an event or a festival in future years and would like a "proper" outdoor stage, contact us to see if we can help!

Set up of the StageMobil LR Outdoor Stage

Timelapse of the EatAudio Outdoor Stage Design