2 x DMX Brightsign HD Media Players

These Brightsign media players could be controlling video at your event!

There’s very little out there that does the job quite like these Brightsign media players… so much so we had to have them imported all the way from California! Slide an SD card loaded with video clips into the slot… connect the device to your DMX chain… and ta-da! You can select any video between 1 and 255 from the DMX controller, as long as the videos are numbered 001.mp4, 002.mp4 etc! Out of the HDMI socket comes a fantastic 1080p video image that can be used on TV’s, projectors or LED video walls! If you can’t tell – we love these things, and it makes incorporating video into the light show so much easier. We’ve matched up all the video clips to the lighting programmes so everything pairs up perfectly!