Square, Triangle and Ladder Truss

You can have stages built out of our truss!

We have three different types of trussing available that we use to hang lighting and speaker systems. We have aluminium square truss, light steel triangular truss fitted with PowerCon sockets, and ladder truss we typically use for lifting and hanging LED star-cloths. We have various stands varying between 3 and 4 meters which can take a variety of loads to lift the trussing up, or we can hang block chain hoists from steel beams or designated load points to lift trussing up to 6 meters high. Or use a combination of lifting and hanging. Either way – we have the equipment for almost any job.


Truss types

  • 30 meters square Global Truss
  • 20 meters triangular Rhino Truss with power
  • 8 meters light weight ladder truss