Need a website that's a fully functioning machine or something simple?

Either way, EatAudio has the technical expertise to design fully operating commercial online shop, to the most basic of websites. Whether it's in HTML, or using a WordPress template that can easily be maintained by you or your employees, it's easily pulled out of the hat.

Incorporating fast moving graphics, music and social media into your online vision has never been easier. Just look at this site for example! In the not too distant future we'll be compiling a list here of all the sites we've created with varying endorsements by their owners.

We currently use Siteground in London as our preferred hosting. They use a variety of tools to prevent various types of hacking and intrusion including Cloudflare which handles the attack, and we also use MalCare to scan for malware, viruses and injected phishing attempts. All the while we can make sure you have a secure website where everything is tough as nails for the right price.

We live in a world with hackers using small businesses as their preferred low hanging fruit as 99% of the time people getting on with managing a business don't need that extra hassle of becoming a victim of an Internet scam! So don't hesitate when thinking about getting in touch to find out more!