Soundcraft LX7ii-32 channel 4 bus desk

You could have this desk running your event!

This is definitely my go to analogue desk, the Soundcraft LX7ii-32 and probably sees more action than all the rest simply because of it’s impressive feature set for it’s size. With 32 channels, and four buses it’s handy to group drums and typically vocals into two easily manageable stereo components. This desk has six auxiliary sends to handle stage monitors and/or use reverb and delay effects in dryer spaces. This desk has 24 direct outs and inserts on all the channels. This desk also has bus inserts which makes managing entire groups of instruments with outboard compressors so much easier.


Tech spec:

  • 32 channel frame size
  • GB30 mic preamp and precision equalisation circuitry
  • 4-band parametric EQ
  • True 7-bus architecture
  • 2 stereo inputs
  • 2 stereo returns
  • Channel direct outputs
  • Talkback facility
  • 100mm faders
  • +48 phantom power
  • 6 aux sends, 4 of which are pre/post switchable
  • 18dB/octave high pass filter
  • Group and mix inserts
  • 12-segment LED metering
  • Integral universal voltage, switched-mode PSU for light weight