Stage Outboard: Signal Split & Monitors

You can have this stage outboard rack at your event!

This particular rack case is all about the business that’s taking place on stage! First of all there is the channel splitter. This takes the input from all the microphones and if need be, splits the signal in two and routes them to the mixing desk for the sound the audience hears, and then sends a second set of signals off to the mixing desk at the side of the stage for everything the performers hear. This way the band on stage can have a tailored sound which means they get to enjoy the performance as much as you do!

In amongst this there is also a digital speaker management system that sends the final mixed signal off to the amplifiers that drive the speakers. You’ll probably also notice there are wireless microphone receivers too that pick up the signals and sends them off to the mixing desk.

Finally there are the power amplifiers that drive the monitor speakers that the performers hear. With four Numark dual mono amplifiers kicking out over 400 watts per speaker at 8-ohms, there can be up to 8 custom mixes made available to the musicians.


Kit list:

  • Peavey VSX 26 Speaker Management System
  • Art S8 Channel Splitter
  • Sennheiser EW100 wireless microphone receivers
  • Numark Dimension 4 power amplifiers
  • Midas DL-32 digital stage box


And these stage monitors

We use three different types of stage monitors all produced by Wharfedale. 8 x EVP-X12M that are the classic floor monitor wedge that is positioned in front of the performer and faces up diagonally.

Additionally we have 4 x Titan 8 inch monitor speakers that can lay in the classic floor monitor wedge position, but also can be pole mounted – which is useful for DJ performers. With the Behringer XR-18 we use a wireless mic and hang these in the truss to use as talk back speakers so we can communicate with the performers.

We also have two twin 15″ subs rated at 500watts each, which make great drum and side fill monitors to bring an extra bit of life to the music on stage.

wd-evp-x12m wd-t8-pm?? wd-f9-15x2 maudio-monitor

Kit list:

  • 8 x Wharfedale EVP-X12″M 250W RMS passive floor monitor
  • 4 x Wharfedale Titan 8″ 180W RMS powered floor/stand/hanging monitor
  • 2 x Wharfedale Force 9 500W RMS twin 15″ passive sub bass monitors
  • 2 x M-Audio 6″ 50W RMS powered monitors for line checking at the desk