Monitor Outboard: Analogue Graphic EQ

You can have this graphic EQ outboard rack at your event! Oh yes you can!

Graphic EQ plays an important role with the on stage monitor mix. The monitor speakers are exceptionally close to the microphones and this can lead to all sorts of trouble – usually feedback! That horrible screechy sound that’s caused by the noise of the speaker entering the microphone and causing a signal loop! To avoid this happening during your event we can use a graphic equaliser to identify and reduce troublesome frequencies that can be caused by reflection from the walls, floor, ceiling, and even the human body. This tends to help make the performance much smoother, and can help bring balance to the quality of sound the musician is hearing!


Kit List:

  • 1 x Behringer Rack Guitar Tuner
  • 3 x DBX 231 Graphic EQ
  • 3 x Behringer FBQ 1502
  • 1 x Behringer FBQ 3102HD