Power Distribution

You can have these power distribution boxes and racks at your event! In fact, you’ll probably need to!

None of the equipment we use at a gig works without electricity. It kind of goes without saying, but it’s often one of the most important and somehow one of the most neglected issues considered by our clients. Most of this kit doesn’t just work off your standard 13A plug socket you’ll find at home. Compounded by the fact that the quality and state of cabling in so many ageing village halls means that we may run into a few unexpected issues. So what to do? We can take a look at the quality of your power distribution at your venue, check out the distribution boxes and see if they’re up to scratch. Most town halls and larger venues have single phase supplies capable of delivering up to 63-amps. Some even have 3-phase supplies that can kick out 3-lots of 63-amps at 415V. This is great news for us, and the sky becomes the limit. Diesel generators are also another possibility to get your event off the ground and we have just the tools for the job to get everything from the socket to your audiences eyes and ears!

3-phase-distro? single-phase-distro

Kit list:

  • 3-phase/415 volt rubber box distribution unit with 6×32 amp out and 6×16 amp out sockets
  • Single phase/240 volt rack box distribution unit with 4×32 amp out, 6×16 amp out, 14x13amp out and 8x20amp PowerCon sockets
  • 10 meter 3-phase leads
  • 32 amp CEE leads
  • 32 amp CEE to PowerCon leads
  • PowerCon to 13amp multiway leads