Multicores, snakes and stage boxes

You could have this snake at your event – and you’ll probably have to because it won’t work without it!

The snake or multicore cable gathers up all signals from the stage, passes them all down a long cable (or cables – depending on whether you’re counting each individual cable within a cable!) to the mixing desk. We have three types of snake… they heavy analogue snake, two screened cat 6 cable looms, and one wireless TP-Link digital router. Each is suited to it’s own particular task and both have significant advantages and disadvantages. Either way, we’ll pick the right tool for the job and make sure everything goes swimmingly!


Kit list:

  • 1 x 40-way, 50 meter analogue snake
  • 2 x Cat6, 60 meter digital snakes
  • Midas DL-32 digital stage box
  • Behringer XR-18 digital stage mixer
  • 1 x TP-Link Archer D20 wireless router for PC/tablet remote control on 5Ghz band.