3 x Wifi DMX Transceiver / Splitter

You could have these DMX WiFi transmitters at your event!

Cables are a messy business, so the more of all the business end hidden up in the trussing – the better! The shorter the DMX chain, the better chances there are of the lighting receiving a stronger and more stable data connection. So we have two WiFi receivers that splits the signal off into six different directions, which means the data can be managed more particularly. In the event of a failure other lights don’t go and take control of the fog machine and flood the venue (it’s happened before, but not any more!) We can send data directly from any of our DMX Control enabled PC, and from our DMX Control enabled Windows 10 tablet via WiFi.

Additionally we have a Martin ‘Optically Isolated’ DMX splitter that we use in larger venues when we know we have to shift around a lot of DMX data to much bigger stages. To make an impressive light show come to life, we have impressive tools to keep it doing exactly what it should be!