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Funny Music Related Wi-Fi Names For Your Network

When EatAudio is out doing a gig… from Aberdeen to Aviemore, Elgin to Ellon, Dufftown to Dundee, Banff to Banchory… more often than not some kind of digital kit comes with us. Whether it’s the Wi-Fi transmitter for the lighting, or the Wi-Fi router to remotely control the Behringer XR18 or the Midas M32R from a remote location – the default name on the router is kind of dull. Having a look around the Internet for some inspiration didn’t turn up much in the way of music apart from “Pretty Fly For A Wi-Fi” which is very good, not to mention Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like Its Hot Spot.” That’s not bad either!

Though that’s really is kind of it – there really isn’t much musically related Wi-Fi name wise! Sure, it probably makes a lot of sense to hide your SSID when doing something that’s ‘show critical’, but 90% of the gigs where digital equipment is used everything is typically hard-wired over Ethernet with an RJ-45 cable! So this is mostly for a bit of innocent fun when inevitably everyone that attends a gig is looking for a Wi-Fi connection when their 3G or 4G is flailing!

So one quiet evening when I didn’t have much going on I sat down with a pen and paper and thought of some potential musically related names that would make a great list that the rest of the world could enjoy too. Feel free to pinch or plagiarise these ideas, change your home Wi-Fi name or

Drop It Like Its Hot Spot (Snoop Dogg)
Fairytale of Net Work (The Pogues)
He Wasn’t LAN Enough (Toni Braxton)
LAN In The Mirror (Michael Jackson)
LAN! I Feel Like a Wi-Fi (Shania Twain)
Macho Macho LAN (Village People)
Net Work State of Mind (Billy Joel)
Pretty Fly For a Wi-Fi (The Offspring)
Rocket LAN (Elton John)
RoxLAN (The Police)
Son Of A Preacher LAN (Dusty Springfield)
The LAN Who Cant Be Moved (The Script)
When a LAN Loves A Wi-Fi (Percy Sledge)
Wi-Fi Back to Happiness (Helen Shapiro)
Wi-Fi Birds Suddenly Appear (The Carpenters)
Wi-Fi In The Jar (Traditional Irish song covered by Thin Lizzy/Metallica etc)
Wi-Fi Only Call Me When Youre High (Arctic Monkeys)
Wi-Fi To The Jungle (Guns and Roses)
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Rock You (Queen)
Wi-Fi Would Suck Without You (Kelly Clarkson)
With or Wi-Fi You (U2)

Definitely amusing, and if I think of any more I’ll add them! If you’re doing anything show critical with only a wireless device you should probably hide your SSID so hundreds of people don’t try and connect to your digital mixer rendering it unusable! And if you don’t know how to change your SSID – you probably shouldn’t! You’ve been warned!