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To blog or not to blog…

Over the course of the remainder of this websites life? I?ll be blogging about my sound and lighting adventures, nightmares, and shenanigans! As and when I find the time. The EatAudio website has undergone many looks and transformations over the last 15 years, but I?m currently happier with it now more than ever. It has a good, professional, slick look ? and by blogging about what I get up to, hopefully I can begin to drive more traffic to the site. More content + more traffc = apparently better Google rankings which should = more business! And you can never have too much business!

Some other additions to the site include a mobile version that allow visitors on mobile phones to access a streamlined version of EatAudio that?s much easier to read and navigate on mobile phones. It looks great on the iPhone with Safari and Chrome? however, I?ve noticed there are a whole world of layout problems on Android devices that I don?t even want to begin to get into!

Anyway, hopefully there will be more chit chat from me as I continue to make the switch from analogue to digital desks? with the advent of the X-Air series of mixers. I?m really excited to be mixing wirelessly (with a 60 meter cat6 cable incase that doesn?t work out). All my lighting is now controlled with a Windows 10 powered tablet that runs DMX Control wirelessly better than I could ever have hoped for. So there?s plenty to look forward to!