Christopher Anderson – Wall of Rock, Lossiemouth, September 2014

Since 2010 we have been seeing Christopher Anderson playing at gigs frequently, and four years later we finally had an opportunity to get a live recording with him. His Facebook and YouTube videos sat in front of his phone recording the latest hits of the day are always popular and watched frequently. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Christopher took to the stage days after leaving hospital for an operation! You wouldn’t know to hear him!

These guys were playing behind a 15KW system at the Wall of Rock festival in Lossiemouth in September 2014, with 10KW of sub bass and 5KW of mid/high speaker cabinets. Front of house desk was a Soundcraft GB8-40, and the monitor desk was a Soundcraft LX7ii-32. Two Allen & Heath ICE-16 recorders were being used. Microphones used were Audix on drums (D6 kick, i5 snare, D4 floor tom, D2 rack toms, ADX51 overheads, f9 hi-hats), Sennheiser EW135 G3 wireless on vocals, and Shure SM57 on instruments. The light show used was the full EatAudio, with over 100 DMX lights being controlled via Windows based software.