Megan Barclay – Wall of Rock, Lossiemouth, September 2014

Upon hearing Megan Barclay you’ll almost want to make an immediate comparison to Ellie Goulding – and it’s obvious why! This Peterhead born, Keith resident took to the stage at Lossiemouth’s Wall of Rock with a bit of grit and a bit of silk in her voice. Although not the most confident there is some excellent talent in there. Her own material is very well thought out and she deserves to do well!

These guys were playing behind a 15KW system at the Wall of Rock festival in Lossiemouth in September 2014, with 10KW of sub bass and 5KW of mid/high speaker cabinets. Front of house desk was a Soundcraft GB8-40, and the monitor desk was a Soundcraft LX7ii-32. Two Allen & Heath ICE-16 recorders were being used. Microphones used were Audix on drums (D6 kick, i5 snare, D4 floor tom, D2 rack toms, ADX51 overheads, f9 hi-hats), Sennheiser EW135 G3 wireless on vocals, and Shure SM57 on instruments. The light show used was the full EatAudio, with over 100 DMX lights being controlled via Windows based software.