Checkered Sky – Marine Hotel, Buckie, August 2014

Checkered Sky are a three piece band from the fishing town of Buckie, Moray. In fact, they are fondly known by locals as “Buckie Clyro” and it’s obvious why… heavy Scottish rock chords punctuate the north-east Scotland accent flowing through the vocals. These guys have worked very hard to learn their craft, recording their own album at home, for the first time, from scratch! And the quality? Better than you’d think! So hats off to them!

This recording was made at their album launch at the Marine Hotel in Buckie, and we were delighted to provide a 7KW sound system, with 5KW bass and 2KW mid/high speaker cabinets. The front of house and monitor desk was the Soundcraft LX7ii-32 mixer and was recorded using two Allen & Heath ICE-16 recorders.