19 Covid Quarantones

Hello! Welcome to the Covid 19 Quarantones Mashup album! Because Facebook is in the purse of Warner Music and Universal Music, it’s practically impossible to post any of these mashups on social media or music sharing sites without being flagged for copyright violations. Where is the fun in that? It’s not like anyone is making any money off these bad boys in turbulent times. So here they are. Listen to them to your hearts content without having to use half a different platforms to do so.

You can download everything here in the zip file below!

Audio Source Material

Music – Spotify
Vocal parts – acapellas4u.co.uk


Workstation – Sony Acid Pro 7
Time Stretching – Prosoniq Timefactory 2
Mastering – Sony Sound Forge 12 / ReaXComp Multiband Compressor / Sony Wave Hammer
EQ / Compression – Sonaklsis Plugins
Effects – Vocal Finaliser / PingPong Delay / Magnus Ambience Reverb


Source – Google Images
Image mashups – Adobe Photoshop CS

Mashups created during the opening weeks of the 2020 Carona virus pandemic.